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Some testimonials in the field of expertise, e.g. Facilitator, Counsellor, Mentor, Tutor, External Examiner, Assessor, Visiting Professor, Head of Research, etc.
Expert Panel Business of Growth Gala_Business_Days Globethics Consortium
Expert Panel in the Conference Business of Growth, Emanuel University, Griffiths School of Management, Oradea
Goodwill Ambassador Internationalisation: Business Days / CEE Entrepreneurship Summits / Business Days Life TV, Bucharest
Global Ethics Consortium: Inaugural forum for Global Ethics in Higher Education, Participant and Consultant, UK University, Geneva
Manufacturer TOP 100 Expert Panel Iasi Expert Round CEE Entrepreneurship Summit
Top 100 Manufacturers UK: New Management / Change Management for the Future, Anthropocene. Birmingham UK
Expert Panel Discussion about Digital Disruptiion, Digitization, Digitalisation, Digital Transformation, Iasi
Expert Panel Presentation about Effective Change Management for the Future / 21st Century, Bucharest
Expert Round Germany Expert Panel Entrepreneurship Expert Panel Future Mandagement
As facilitator in high school round in Berlin with external profs, examiners, head teachers and students
Expert Panel Presentation about new effective Change Management approaches, Cluj-Napoca
Expert Panel Discussion about international Management for the 21st Century, Cluj-Napoca
Expert Round Portfolio Fishbowl Swiss Edu Univ
As facilitator in high school round in Berlin with external profs, examiners, head teachers and students
Expert round (fishbowl) in the plenary session of an international conference for portfolio, competencies, qualifications, new exams
Swiss Teacher Universities in close collaboration with Eastern European Universities, Quality Assurance and Caritas, base for research partnerships
Didacta Board Pannel U P Didacta Expert P UoP
German Government (Foreign Ministry), leaders from the science and university delegation, Quality Assurance Agencies.
Pannel at the Didacta Germany, as Visiting Professor University of Prishtina with rectorate and press conference for television
University of Plymouth, Quality Pannel for assignments, dissertations of the MAs EDU Health, Business Management


Visiting Professor, Keynote Speaker, Expert, Facilitator, Counsellor, Mentor, Tutor Roles; External Examiner, Assessor, Auditor, Interim Manager

If we want to highen sustainable developments, it is essentiell to give the outcomes of expertise into other projects and to other people. Therefore I'm supporting since years with my expertise and long years experience various projects, authorities, institutions and people. As 'Visiting Professor' I'm bringing many insights and results to my students in the world and as 'Keynote Speaker' I try to enrich international Symposia and Conferences.

Expert Roles: Different presidencies and chairman roles, all as volunteer; board memberships; external examinerships; expertise in governmental projects; director and head of research projects / academic programmes / outreach campuses e.g. in the EU, Switzerland, Germany, United Kingdom, Austria, Italy, France, Principality of Liechtenstein, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Kosovo, Macedonia, Turkey, Romania, Armenia, etc.; NGOs like Unesco, Unicef, Caritas, etc.

Facilitator / Moderator / Presenter: Leading of difficult processes with different steakholders, in schools, universities, auditions, group exams, group assessments, TV, open discussions, interviews, panels, etc.

Counsellor: Long years experience in the field of:

  • Human Resource Management HRM; Executive Search; Life and career management;
  • Study advice, apprenticeships, internships, professional development;
  • Competencies and qualifications; Upskilling and Reskilling; Potential development;
  • Personal management in the field of music, artist and event management, celebrities;
  • Assessment centers / selection and outplacement;
  • Quality Management QM and Corporate Social Responsibility CSR;
  • Digital Disruption, Digitization, Digitialisation, Digital Transformation;
  • Lean Production and Manufacturing, Circular Economy, Industry 4.0, Fourth Industrial Revolution, Anthropocene;
  • Entrepreneurship, Intrapreneurship, Ecopreneurship, Aggripreneurship, etc. Xpreneurship;
  • Psychological supports.
  • etc.

Mentor: Senior mentor in two teacher training seminaries in Switzerland and in the Principality of Liechtenstein.

University approved tutor and dissertation supervisor: University approved tutor for Master and Bachelor thesis and dissertation supervision: e.g. University of Plymouth, University of Prishtina, different other projects under the frame of the Multiversity.

Research Fellow / Honorary Fellow: Research work (alone and in team) publications, networking international, Summits, Keynotes, Paper submissions;

Interim manager: Management in crisis and difficult situations, individual management. Different just-in-time-projects, ad interim leadership & interim management of organisations, institutions, departements, projects, etc.

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