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Some testimonials about the field of international keynotes and webinars/podcasts (in English, German or French).
K Innovative Creative Economy K Digital Persona K Digital Transformation
Keynote about Innovative and Creative Economy and Social Innovation,CEE Entrepreneurship Summit. Bucharest.
Keynote Digital Persona, Cyber Security, Business Days, Cluj-Napoca.
Keynote Digital Disruption, Digitization, Digitalisation, Digital Transformation, Cluj-Napoca.
K Effective Management X-Preneurship K Digital Intelligence K Ciruclar Economy
Keynote Effective Management for Entrepreneurs. New Forms of Entrepreneurship, X-Preneurship. Timisoara,
Keynote Concepts for Key and Core Competencies to a Digital World: Digital Intelligence. Business Days, Iasi
Keynote Circular Economy, Industry 4.0, Business Days, Timisoara.
K Anthropocene K BD Iasi K Effective Study Career Management
Keynote Anthropocene at the CEE Entrepreneurship Summit in Cluj-Napoca
Keynote Important Innovations in Social Business. Business Days Iasi.
Keynote Student Conference about effective, individual Study- and Career Management. Emanuel University.
K Multi-Channel-Marketing K Integrity Summit Arad K Storytelling
Keynote Multi-Channel Marketing, Omni-Marketing, Digital Sales Internationally, Oradea
Keynote Integrity Summit Arad: Hotel Continental, Emanuel University Griffiths School of Management with Rotary.
Keynote Storytelling and Authentic Branding for Entrepreneurs, Oradea.
Keynote_curriculum_desing K Bologna Didacta K Valule Management
Keynote about Oucome-Oriented Learning, New Curriculum Design, ECTS- Credits, etc. London Universities
Keynote New Outcome-Oriented Learning, Change for all areas of Education internationally. What this means for Higher Education.
Keynote Effective- Value and Change Management. Trade Center Oradea.
K Pre-schooling K Change HEIs P series
Keynote about Pre-school and Peace Education in Heidelberg, Kosovo Projects at University of Prishtina, Government Delegation
Keynote Change Management in Higher Education Institutions. Delegation University Prishtina & Ministry of Higher Education Kosovo. Didacta Stuttgart.
Podcast series: Competencies and Qualifications, Bologna Process, Quality Management, Outcome oriented learning, Teaching Mixed Age Groups, Peace Education, etc.

As visiting/guest professor or as a keynote speaker I'm leading or participating every year in several international Keynotes at Conferences, Summits, Symposiums.

I'm leading international masterclasses in the field of Business Management; Leadership & Governance; Entrepreneurship; Education / Psychology or in some particular fields / themes. The masterclasses are taking place within international hotels or under the umbrella of providers (like Business Schools of International Universities, Faculties of Education / Psychology) or as international confereces and symposia of leading NGO's, associations or under the roof of governmental organisations / ministries.

Here some examples of my work in masterclasses and keynotes:

Leadership & Governance: some themes could be

  • What makes a unique leader / governor;
  • International successfull leadership and governance within the 21st century;
  • Leadership and governance in difficult situations;
  • Leadership & Governance with social impact and about innovative and creative ways;

Entrepreneurship: some themes in which I'm training are

  • Formation of new entrepreneurs for the world; how to become a successful and smart entrepreneur;
  • Corporate Social Responsibility CSR - beeing responsible and successful;
  • New forms of marketing for the 21st century;

Management: some masterclasses and keynotes are in the field

  • Personal individual management e.g. in the field of music, artist and event management;
  • What is successfull management in each situation;
  • Individual life and career management (including study advice, apprenticeships, internships, professional education);
  • Competency and Qualifications management;
  • Quality management;
  • Change management with impact;

Education / Psychology: some themes in these fields of expertise

  • Competencies and Qualifications;
  • New ways of sustainable education, educating creative and resilient profiles;
  • School partnerships of pupils, teachers and parents;
  • Educational projects for encourriching school;
  • Youth television and new media projects;
  • Pupils are leading and 'making' school by themselves;
  • Research partnerships with all steakholders of education;
  • Learning Outcomes, new forms of exams and assessments;
  • Assessment centers / selection and outplacement;
  • Psychological supports and individual counselling;

Special field of expertise / themes:

  • Crisis management, management in difficult situations, just in time management;
  • Quality oriented Quality Assurance QA;
  • Sustainable Human Resource Management HRM;
  • Individual life and career management for the 21st century;
  • Study advice, apprenticeships, internships, professional development;
  • etc.
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