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Business management consulting, executive search, change management, event management, personal management, HRM, internships, apprenticeships, competency and qualification management, CSR, QM, leadership, governance, entrepreneurship, strategy, interim management, coaching, branding and more ...
Intrapreneurship T Art M jump-project
Interim management for companies and associations, but as well for projects and pilot developments. Executive Training for Management teams.
Personal artist management exhibitions, VIP's, celebrities, Politicians, founders of projects/companies, etc.
Management of pilot projects, with all needed entrepreneurial, intrapreneurial phases. Development of services, products, etc.
Business Exchange Killer Bee Festival M
We have developed over years a leading executive search network internationally: HRM recruitment, upskilling, reskilling, development
Personal artist management of bands, songwriters, tour management, productions, airplays and sales, R&D
Event and festival management, e.g. Cultural days Solothurn (4-days festival with music events, fine arts, sposoring, sales)
Exmouth Campus Sig Plym U M21
Management of an university faculty, outreach campus, strategy, HRM and staff management, student and staff recruitment in Europe.
Outreach campus management, funding and sales, dissemination and communication with authorities, governments
Research management, EU research project contracts, partnership and contracting, sponsoring, scholarship and foundation management
QM Benchm MA Social Finance and Banking Interns Watch
Quality management, reviews, accreditation projects, external examinership, benchmarking
Study and program design, publication management; media management
Internship management, management of apprenticeships, European e.g. Swiss high quality projects
Fields of management: We stand for individual international management in various fields. Outcome oriented working is for us since years the focus. We highen your competencies and organise your success - f you are an individual or an institution.
  • Business management consulting
  • Executive search, recruiting, dehiring, restruction, etc.
  • Change management
  • Event and festival management
  • Artist management
  • Tour management
  • Production and project management
  • Airplays and sales management
  • Personal management
  • Human resource management HRM
  • Internship management
  • Apprenticeship management
  • Competency and qualification management, Upskilling/Reskilling, Profile Management
  • Corporate social responsibility management CSR
  • Quality management QM
  • Leadership
  • Governance
  • Strategy
  • Interim management
  • Research management
  • Outreach campus management
  • Publication and edition management
  • Coaching, mentoring, tutoring
  • Branding, marketing, sales management
  • Fundraising, schollarship and sponsoring, doner management
  • etc.

Interim Management: If you have from one day to another an unusual situation which you can't solve alone.

  • e.g. through an accident the Dean of a University Faculty is not anymore ready for his important job role
  • e.g. through special circumstances the board has to cancel suddenly the contract with the CEO
  • e.g. a new project should start immediately and the project manager is needed
  • e.g. Internship and apprenticeship project for universities, colleges, high schools, academies in Europe e.g. Switzerland

Executive Training of Management Teams: We are giving our practice-based experience in Management as well to other Management Teams, we support them as Management Coach, Management Tutor, Management Mentor, Management Facilitator and Management Trainer.

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