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Some testimonials in the field of research, research projects: Head of international research and innovation, head of research projects, researcher, fellow, honorary fellow
Prelmet IA21 Global Ethics Consortium Inseec
Pirorities and Effectiveness of companies, especially of the supply chain and purchase costs. Romania, RO, United Kingdom UK
Incubation and Acceleration projects for Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs, Romania RO, United Kingdom, UK
Globethics Consortium: Forum for Global Ethics in Higher Education, Geneva. Innaugural Meeting with visit of the INSEEC Campus in Chambéry FR.
Dielli K Speakers Iasi ProFis
BA Education project in Pre-school and Peace Education in Partnership with the Educational Ministry in Kosovo, Caritas and the Foreign Ministries in CH, FL and LU
New research projects, keynotes to Digital Disruption, Digitization, Digitalisation, Digital Transformation: Digital Persona, Business Days, Iasi
The research project ProFis in the Metropolitan Region Rhein-Neckar, Germany; University of Education Heidelberg: Heidelberger Print Machinery, Ministry of Education, etc.
Cultural and event management projects in Solothurn CH, fine arts, contemporary arts, music festivals, tour management, artist management, EU
Migration and Refugee project with Switzerland CH - Kosovo KO, empowerment of refugees and Incubation / Acceleration of projects.
Recognition of Hich School with alternative Teaching Methods and integrated 800 different Internship places. Educational Ministry of Solothurn CH
Job Academy SCHUKI ROJ
The several years research project for apprentice- and internships of the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation, SERI, Berne
Pre-school project SCHUKI in Solothurn with the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation, SERI, Berne
Long years High School projects with internship network and Counselling departement in SO 800+ companies (mainly small and medium sized), CH
Development of an innovative new High School program in Bolzano, Italy, with external assessment and quality assurance, benchmarking
Integrated masters project in education / health / business / finance with the University of Plymouth, outreach campuses in Europe: CH, DE, NL, SW, UK
Pre-School and Peace Education project for ROMA children in Kosovo, partnership with Swiss Universities, CH, FL, LU, Caritas, Foreign Ministries of Education
Potsdam jump-tv Mixed-Aged-Groups
EU European Union and the porfolio development, new forms of document competencies and qualifications, Brussels and Potsdam Berlin
The research project jump-television: youth media project (entrepreneurhip) in Solothurn, in coordination with the Federal office of communications, Berne
Teaching "Mixed-Aged-Groups" in Primary and Secondary Education. Series of EDU-projects in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, United Kingdom

I worked as Head of international research and innovation, as project manager of international research projects, as researcher and honorary fellow for different NGO's, organisations, High Schools, Colleges and Universities.

My roles in the field of research: Within the last 15 years I have lead several international research and innovation projects. The projects where funded by foundations, governmments, EU, sponsors, associations, donors or we organised the funds via fundraising or as return on invest projects etc. I have had within these projects the following parts:

  • Director of the project(s) and management roles for them, chairing the board, etc.
  • Initiating of the research projects
  • Planning of the research projects
  • Finding international partners, travel and networking
  • Marketing activities, fundraising
  • Communication, workshops, dissemination, reporting, (de)briefing
  • Quality assurance and arranging external reviews
  • Research works in the projects
  • Teaching of the researchers, stakeholders, keynotes in research conferences

International research projects: Over the last 15 years I have worked in

  • different presidencies and chairman roles;
  • board memberships;
  • external examinerships;
  • expert roles in governmental projects;
  • directorates and heads of research projects / academic programmes / outreach campuses
  • honorary fellowships, senior fellowships, distiguised fellowships

The projects where situated mainly within the European Union and in Eastern Europe, especially within the following nations:

  • Switzerland and Principality of Liechtenstein,
  • Germany,
  • United Kingdom,
  • Austria,
  • Italy,
  • France,
  • Belgium,
  • Luxembourg,
  • Netherlands,
  • Kosovo,
  • Macedonia,
  • Turkey,
  • Romania,
  • and new as well in Singapore and Africa.

A strong partnership with NGOs was essential for the successful work in research, like Unesco, Unicef, Caritas, etc.

The research projects where situated mainly within the following clusters:

  • Business Management; including Incubation, Acceleration, Anthropocene, Change Managment;
  • Digital Disruption; including Digitzation, Digitalisation, Digital Transformation, Cyper Bullying, Digital Identity;
  • Technology; including Industry 4.0, Circular Economy, Fourth Industrial Revolution, Automation and Robotics, Smart Production and Manufacturing;
  • Multi-Channel-Marketing, Authentic Personal Branding, Storytelling;
  • Executive Search and Human Resource Management, Up-Skilling, Re-Skilling, Validation, Valorisation;
  • Education & Special Educational Needs, Youth;
  • Arts & Event Management;
  • Media and Television;
  • Internationalistation and Policy;
  • Qualty Assurance QA;
  • Corporate Social Responsibility CSR;
  • Coaching, Mentoring and Psychological supports.
  • etc.

The research projects where financed via scholarships, research grants, fundraising and sponsoring. I have as well co-leaded for some years a scholarship foundation.

Research Project: Management 21 (M21)

Video Research Project: Management 21 (M21)

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