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Some selected free live videos from keynotes, talks/interviews, video podcasts from presentations of research/teaching projects of Urs Hauenstein in English and German.
        V Effective Quality Value Change M   V Digital Intelligence   V Digital Persona   V DLUH Business Development Intl Market
        en: Podcast about Effective Quality, Value and Change Management. London / Solothurn   en: Keynote BD - Concepts for Key and Core Competencies to a Digital World: The Digital Intelligence. Iasi (life stream)   en: Keynote BD - Digital Persona - Interaction, Values, Security, Privacy, Responsibility. Cluj-Napoca. (life stream)   en: Interview with Daniela Lauer and me: Masterclass CEE Entrepreneurship Summit, Bucharest (life stream)
V_Creative_Innovative_Economy   V_Key_Clusters_Business_Management   V Armenia Authentic Branding   V_Russian-Armenian University Masterclass UH   V Modern Trends Entrepreneurship   V Circular Economy
en: Economy of Innovation, Creative Economy and Social Innovation. CEE Entrepreneurship Summit, Bucharest (life stream)
en: The four future Key Clusters in Business Management for the 21st Century. Business Days, Iasi (life stream)
en: Interview with Roubina Margossian at CivilNet-TV: Armenia in Need of Authentic Branding. Yerevan (life stream/TV)
en: Masterclass: Leadership, Governance and Management in the 21st Century. Auditorium, RAU Russian-Armenian University, Yerevan, Armenia
en: Interview with Laura Dragomir at Business-TVto Modern Trends in Entrepreneurship: Xpreneurship. Timisoara (life stream)
en: Active Intelligence - Keynote Cicular Economy, Change Management Lean Manufacturing, BD, Timisoara (life stream)
V Global Trends   V Anthropocene   Video_UH_Masterclasses   Video_Research_Project_Management21   Video_UH_ICLGEM   Video_UH_Mindfulness_Energy_Sustainability
en: Interview with Dacian Palladi Business-TV: About Global Trends and Their Impact on the Future, Cluj-Napoca (life stream)
en: Keynote Anthropocene. CEE Entrepreneurship Summit, Cluj-Napoca (life stream)
en: Masterclasses with Urs Hauenstein (as Guest/Visiting Professor or as Guest / Visiting Lecturer). London/Solothurn
en: Research Project 'Management 21 (M21)'- developing a new Management for the 21st Century. London/Solothurn.
en: Mission of the International Council for Leadership, Governance, Entrepreneurship, Management ICLGEM. Solothurn
en: Mindfulness as a new key competency in the field of energy sustainability / video keynote Glocal University, New Delhi (podcast)
Video_UH_BaTB   Video_UH_Komptenzen_Qualifikationen   Video_UH_Individuelles_Lernen   Video_UH_Accreditation_of_Prior_Learning   Video_UH_Vom_Leben_lernen   Video_UH_Schule_von_Morgen
de: Keynote Bundesverband ausgebildeter Trainer und Berater, München, Deutschland
de: Kompetenzen und Qualifikationen, Portfolio System (Competencies and Qualifications, the Portfolio System
de: Individuelles Lernen und das Konzept der Multiversity (Individual Learning and the Multiversity concept)
de: Anerkennung von Lernleistungen aus dem Leben (APL Accreditation of Prior Learning)
de: Vom Leben lernen (formal, non-formal, informal, incidental learning / learning from live)
de: Captura oder die Schule von Morgen (Captura or school of tomorrow)
Video_UH_Friedens-Notfallpaedagogik   Video_UH_Praxisforschung   Video_UH_HEI   Video_UH_Bologna_Kopenhagenprozess   Video_UH_Individuelles_QM   Video_UH_Jahrgangsuerbergreifendes_Lernen
de: Friedens- und Notfallpädagogik (Peace and Emergency Education/Pedagogy)
de: Praxis-bzw. Aktionsforschung, Zeitmanagement (Practice-Based Research and Time Management)
de: Neue Hochschulsysteme in der Welt (New Higher Education Institutes in the world HEIs)
de: Bologna- und Kopenhagen Prozess (Bologna and Kopenhagen Process)
de: Neues, individuelles Qualitätsmanagement für das 21. Jahrhundert (Individual Quality - Management for the 21st century)
de: Jahrgangsübergreifender Unterricht (Teaching mixed aged groups)
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